STCW Instructor Wanted
Q3 Marine Training Solutions is seeking outstanding instructors for STCW
courses such as Fast Rescue Boat, Proficiency in Survival Craft and many
more. Now is the time to put all your knowledge and expertise gained
throughout your maritime career into a role with broad impact –
teaching, mentoring, and developing competent mariners.

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When a ship is safe, crew members feel more comfortable and
confident. Productivity gets a boost, and profit margins follow suit.

It is the mission of Q3 Marine Training Solutions to provide
comprehensive training and educational programs for all sea-
going personnel in order to create and maintain a competent
and professional maritime work force.

Q3 is internationally recognized as a STCW compliant training
organization, and offers courses accepted in terms of the
international maritime organization’s (IMO) standards
relating to maritime safety.

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Extreme rowers test safety skills before
taking on the Atlantic Ocean - see details.

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A multi-dimensional approach to marine training and certification